Galway Getaway

I finally took the trip to the country I always dreamed about when I was a kid. Seriously, my first ever calendar was full of pictures of green, green, green Ireland!  Time had passed and I had no idea what to expect of this last minute trip to the island country. We landed in Dublin … More Galway Getaway

Japan: Tokyo

14,000,000 people. Fourteen million people. 14MILLION! That number is the shortest yet most accurate definition of Tokyo. With endless neighborhoods, thousands of restaurants and a constant swarm of people in your personal bubble, one would think that there is no way to enjoy such a place. However, it somehow works. Jumping off the metro at … More Japan: Tokyo


Here I am.. drinking coffee and typing away in city that I never imagined I would visit. Filled with unpronounceable words, inedible food and undrinkable coffee, Frankfurt has made quite the impression on me. Thankfully, I’m open-minded AF and have started to see through the unchangeable culture that had blinded me for a bit. My arrival … More Frankfurt!

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To Spain

1.Can I say goodbye to personal space? When conversing with a Spaniard, it is totally normal to question if they are flirting/preparing to give you a kiss because personal space doesn’t really exist in the land of tapas and siestas. The best you can do is just smile and count down the seconds/minutes/hours until you’re … More 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To Spain